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. it was america's first year with an african-american president. last january, as barack obama was sworn in we went down to the national mall in washington to meet some of the people who wanted to see this moment in history for themselves. ♪ politics and patriotism and the presidency. it is the place where the secular and the religious merge, and one of the sacraments of our national religion is the inauguration. ♪ my country 'tis of thee sweet land of liberty ♪ >> reporter: so it was as many as 2 million pilgrims made their way to washington and the mall to witness this most sacred event. ♪ land where my father died ♪ >> reporter: as the oath was recited, alleges the speech was delivered. >> the time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit. >> reporter: emotions were laid bare. tears were shed. >> no matter how optimistic i've ever been as a human being i never thought this moment would come and i met these wonderful people total strangers and we can all share it together. >> reporter: inauguration is a renewal of faith. >> for we know that our patchwork heritage
news called "where america stands." katie couric in the studio with us this morning to give us a preview of the many issues that will be addressed on this great new series that starts tonight on the evening news. >> we look forward to talking to katie, but we begin with the cold that is still gripping much of the nation. it's a brutal deep freeze in some smarts. in new england, parts are buried under record snow and in the south, the subfreezing temperatures threaten to destroy valuable crops. dave price is in international falls, minnesota, where i ask to you notice when they take him full on the bottom left of the screen, we've put up the temperature where you are. and i'm thinking it has to be a typo, dave. it says minus 29 degrees. >> it is not a typo at all. 29 degrees below zero is the actual temperature before you factor in any windchills or how it feels. it is bitter cold here and most likely before all is said and done we will tie a record here which stands from 2009 and 1968. they call this place the ice box of the nation for a reason.average high temperature here in
. 2005, they actually recalled more cars in america than they sold. and they just expanded very quickly. they made it a goal to overtake general motors as the number one car company in the world and they've done it, but they're paying the price. >> quality, not quantity. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. erica, over to you. >>> some good news on the economy coming this week. it grew at a vigorous 5.7% at the end of last year but before you break out the bubbly we should tell you this rebound was driven by businesses drawing down their inventory at a slower rate not by consumer spending. and as many of you probably know firsthand, unemployment remains high. still at 10%. cbs news correspondent anthony mason has more. >> reporter: the battered private sector showed signs of life as the u.s. economy racked up its best quarter in six years, while government spending flattened out, housing construction was up 5.7%. consumer spending just 2%. and business investment and technology surged more than 13%. >> that's the only way economic growth is going to be sustained i
for the automobile market in america. the preview from the auto show in that. >>> also this morning we've been following the case of a missing eight month old baby, gabriel johnson. his mother is in jail. she shez is he gave him away for adoption. this morning you will meet a couple who applies are calling persons of interest. do they know where baby it gabriel is. >>> but first this morning, republicans calling on senate majority leader harry reid to resign after questionable comments reid made about president obama were disclosed in a bombshell new cordes has t latest.remember the that's right, republican leaders argue there's a double standard going on here, that if any of them had uttered the racial mark now attributed to harry reid, democrats would be calling for their heads. the book quotes senate majority leader harry reid assaying in 2008 that then senator obama had a real shot at the white house because he was a light-skinned african-american, quote, with no knee droe dialect unless he wanted to have one. of a territory quote was made public saturday, leader reid pop guised to a numbe
growth voting bloc in america. >> i watched you yesterday on some of the hearings on the terrorist attack. you want somebody held accountable. do you think it will happen? >> if it's business as usual in washington, everyone will be responsible, so no one will be held responsible. it's very disappointing. >> senator john mccain, pleasure to see you, sir. >> thank you, harry. >>> how to southern california where another powerful storm is expected this morning. hundreds of people vulnerable to mudslides have already left their homes. but hundreds more have decided to stay put despite evacuation orders. this morning dave is in la canada flintridge just north of los angeles. he has our first look at the weather. good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning. i want to give you a little bit of an idea of exactly how steep and unstable some of these hillsides are. this is where we are, la canada flintridge, and you can see behind me, above me and around me, items nothing but mud. this steep hillside, though, doesn't tell the whole story, so let's take a second camera shot from the camera i'm ho
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that the squeaky wheel usually does get the oil and maybe bank of america will not want to drag this to court and will just, you know, shut you up and comply, if it does go to court, is unfair a legal argument on your part? >> well, you know, there's a lot of legal arguments and certainly b of a is prepared for litigation of this nature. at the end of the day, the legal system is composed of people, judges, juries, and if they don't have a good enough explanation, there's always a legal avenue to find a way to seek justice. >> do you think maybe you're being idealistic? >> i would hate to think i'm ever being anything but. >> that's a great answer. but you understand that there are possible likely consequences. if you don't pay your bills, this will affect your credit, legal expenses although you'll probably represent yourself, will it be worth all of the risks? >> i represent consumers regularly and i'm used to fighting underdog cases. it's part of my job. this is really not a big deal in terms of taking an underdog case. >> all right. ben pavone, good luck. keep us posted. >> thanks a lot.
america stands," continues tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." >> it is now 8:04, time to go back to president dave price at mt. rushmore. he has another check of the weather. you got my vote, dave. >>> in our area, we are looking at a cold day but not like we have not seen before. 28 degrees or right around 30 right now, areawise, that's about what we are dealing with. we are looking at a bit of snow moving in our direction, moving across the great lakes and we'll start to see it heading into the overnight hours. 38 degrees our daytime high. we go down to just around 26 with snow arriving around midnight, look for >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by tur boy tax software.cer: this weather turbotax. choose easy. >> reporter: brutally cold conditions continue here stretching all the way down to the southeast. much more on this in the next half hour. maggie, we will send it back to you. and by the way, a quick note, maggie, this time of the year, you can really beat the crowds at rushmore. >> i bet. you have to be hardened to the cold t
is the bestselling car in america. the same models recalled last week in the wake of sticking gas pedals. beginning next month, the world's largest automaker will halt production at north america assembly plants. >>> police believe they have found the remains of missing virginia tech student morgan harrington. the 20 year old was last seen in october. ske skeletal remains were found yesterday on a remote form. an autopsy is scheduled for later today. >>> four men arrested charged with alleging trying to tamper with phones in mary landrieu's office. the suspects could face ten years in prison and $250,000 fine. one of those four is conservative activists james o'keefe. the senator has called these events unusual and unsettling. >>> reports that singing sensation susan boyle was surprised by an intruder at her home. she was returning from recording a charity single for haiti when she was surprised by the man. the man was detained and released. boyle made her name on the tv show "britain's got talent." katie couric with a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> as he prepares to make his first sta
health care to embarrass the president. that's not the right thing to do for america. america does need some real insurance reforms. you could simply expand the medicare program that everybody knows to people who are over 55 instead of 65. the house and the senate passed very good expansionses in medicaid which helps young people, for example, and hard working people who can't work for people with no insurance. those are the kinds of things that you can do. and we can run those three reconciliation. the chairman of the budget committee said he'd be willing to look at things in the budget bill. i think if we can't get the whole thing, we can get some good stuff done before the election. >> aim being polly an made to think that after all of this effort was put into this and now it doesn't seem to be working, that both sides could sit down together and say what do we really have in common and work together to form something that might be palletable to help the people who don't have insurance or who are one medical catastrophe away from bankruptcy? >> i always thaways think that' trying. th
connected and putting more than 3 million americans to work. broadband for america. >>> welcome back to "the early show." we are covering the disaster in haiti, the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit that country yesterday. in the light of this morning, we're getting a good sense of the damage. unfortunately, we have bad news to report. just in to us from france's foreign minister saying the u.n. mission chief in haiti appears to have died in this quake. as you probably know, there's a huge u.n. peacekeeping effort in that country. now we're getting word that the mission chief of the u.n. appears to have died in the quake. >>> ahead in the next hour and a half, we'll talk about the disaster in haiti and the huge humanitarian effort is-t will require. helping to lead that effort will be the american red cross. we'll tell you what you can do to help the people of haiti. this earthquake, of course, not the first natural disaster to inflict horrific damage on haiti. for more on that, let's go to harry. >> thanks very much. just to describe a little bit what we're talking about, the country of hai
of historic reform, a major step forward for america. let's make sure the health care bill is as strong as possible. under the house plan, we'll be offered good coverage at work. and we won't pay a tax on our health benefits. if you're self-employed or between jobs, you'll be able to afford insurance. and you can keep the benefits you have now. we're at the finish line, tell the president and congress, choose wisely, get it right for us. >>> they are smiling. >> that's what gets me going in the morning, right in the fans. we do it for the fans who take the time to come and visit us. welcome back to "the early show." have you seen kate gosselin's makeover? >> i have not. >> take a look at this. you're not going believe it. remember her little short funky hair that everybody made fun of? it was popular halloween costume. she said new year, new me. she enlisted the shep of ted gibson and that's how they do it, her hair didn't really grow. >> they stipulate stapled it on? >> it's extensions. a bit more sophisticated than that, but, we'll show you. >>> and does this look like just the thing
it will be huge in america, as well. >> i discovered it when i was on vacation in london. it's awesome. we'll talk more about -- >> it's addictive, isn't it? >> we were stay in our hotel room way too long i hate to admit. but i want to ask you the same question, do you think "american idol" survives without him? >> i have to agree for the most part, yeah, i think he's definitely irreplaceable. i don't think there's much of an idol without simon cowell. >> you enjoyed taking sometimes beatings from him as a contestant? >> yeah. i grew up in a conservatory setting. i had teachers like him growing up. and i feel like i learned a lot from the experience on "american idol." and particularly with simon. i just don't see having the same success bowl assign on that cowell. they'll probably make an attempt to replace him for up a kell of seasons or something, maybe diddy or one ever these guys. it just won't be the same show and definitely the newspapers won't be the same. >> i wonder if ellen could be the new drama. i love her. she might be a different type of appeal. >> stheel be an incr
low in orlando, 27 degrees. and, yes, people across the south know other places in america have even lower temperatures. but that is cold comfort. there is a that you coming here at least. temperatures will climb into the low 40s, but not until monday. and that would feel like summer to all those americans now shivering through subzero places. and with more on their weekend weather, let's go to lonnie quinn now in new york. >> thank you very much for that. mark's right, the big story is the cold air. what's going on? see this big blue h right in the middle of the could you be, big high pressure system, it's pulling in all this cold air from canada on the eastern half of that high. so eastern half of the country, that's where the toughest situation is. when is it into to go moderate? i'll tell you what, by this time next week, panhandle of florida take about 30 degrees below average. about 10 degrees above average if you can give it six, seven days. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. >>> you stay warm out there. ai erica, over to you. >>> there are new questions abo
forward for america. let's make sure the health care bill is as strong as possible. under the house plan, we'll be offered good coverage at work. and we won't pay a tax on our health benefits. if you're self-employed or between jobs, you'll be able to afford insurance. and you can keep the benefits you have now. we're at the finish line, tell the president and congress, choose wisely, get it right for us. >>> always dusting of snow here in new york city this morning. nothing compared to what the rest of the cup is going through. you look so cute. >> thank you. >> look like the flying none. >> i get in the mood when there's snow. i even made a snowball. >> look at this. >> burgundy, burgundy. sgh >> i wanted to match you. >> welcome back to "the early show." >> good to have you back. >> it is good to be back. it is nothing compared -- this is hawaii weather compared to what people in the dakotas and much of the midwest are going through. down to the deep south -- >> and it's not going away. one of our produce ear families is new orleans and they're beside themselves because they're lookin
, a major step forward for america. let's make sure the health care bill is as strong as possible. under the house plan, we'll be offered good coverage at work. and we won't pay a tax on our health benefits. if you're self-employed or between jobs, you'll be able to afford insurance. and you can keep the benefits you have now. we're at the finish line, tell the president and congress, choose wisely, get it right for us. >>> you may have heard about these college students from florida who were there on a humanitarian mission in haiti. some good news this morning for some of those parents. we'll have that for you in a bit. >> finally. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by expedia. more ways to save and more hotel options. expedia. where you book matters. to choos. that's why i book with expedia. so i can find someplace familiar... or somewhere more distinctive... nice! then i can compare dates to find out when i can save the most cash. done and done. we should do this more often. more choices, more savings.
. >> the true engines of job creation here in america are america's businesses. >> reporter: the president wants to give businesses a $5,000 tax credit for every new employee hired this year, up to $500,000 per business. and small businesses would get back social security payroll taxes on increased wages or hours for existing employees. the treasury department estimates the program could help 1 million businesses and would cost $33 billion. the president is also reaching out to republicans today, speaking to the gop house retreat. but it could be a tough crowd. >> we're not going to vote for things that we believe will hurt our country. >> reporter: and the republicans have already signaled that the president's new temporary tax cuts for small businesses is not where they're going to find that common ground. so it may be a tough crowd indeed, maggie. >> bill plante at the white house, thank you, bill. >>> more news now, erica hill is at the news desk. >>> and we begin in london where this morning former british prime minister tony blair is facing tough questions about why he backed the american-
that of the united states. it is the highest rate of hiv infection in all of the americas. as you have seen from the devastation, the country's infrastructure ranks among the worst in the world. before the quake the country was still trying to recover from four different hurricanes that hit in 2008 and killed 800 people and left about 500,000 people homeless. let's go over now to maggie for more. >> thank you, harry. joining me is pras michel, cousin of wyclef jean, and they have traveled on several humanitarian missions to haiti. good morning. i know you have family in haiti, so i have to ask, have you been able to reach them? are they all right? >> most of my family is in north america but the very few that were down there, we were ant able to get in touch with them. i spoke to a very good close of my friend this morning right before i came here and she was explaining to me what happened down in haiti. >> tell me, because you've traveled to this country many times on humanitarian missions. this is a country that even before this disaster needed great help and great attention from the world. >>
comeford on iron chef america last night. they took on a very tough team of emeril lagasse and mario about a tally. guess who came out the big winners? bobby is here to tell us all about his big victory. but first the nba is suffering another hit to its image. one of the game's star, gilbert arenas of the washington wizards, is accused of drawing a gun on a 250e78 mate. bianca solorzano is with us in the studio with more. >> good morning. wizards point guard gilbert arenas is expected to face more questions today, but this time they'll be coming from law enforcement officials as part of their investigation into the alleged gun play inside the team's locker room. >> reporter: he's an nba all-star, known for his moves on the court. but it's what happened inside the washington wizards lker room that has gilbert arenas facing possible criminal charges and league penalties. >> if i have to do the police investigation that's what i have to deal with. >> reporter: according to reports, it all stems from a card game on a december 19th team flight. arenas wound up owning kriten ton $60,000. two day
so ma go back to sleep america. the oil crisis is over. i don't think so. our economy is bleeding billions for foreign oil... importing nearly 70% - much of it from countries that don't like us. that's billions we should use to create american jobs. we have plenty of american natural gas, to power our trucks and bus fleets. it's cheaper, cleaner, abundant, and it's ours. we've had our wake up call. it's time to act. >>> good morning and welcome back to "the early show." coming up, six americans are still missing in haiti. they were staying at the hotel montana when it collapsed. searcher have not given up hope of finding them alive and neither have their families. we will be speaking with their families and bring you the latest in just a moment, but first we want it take you back to port-au-prince where harry is standing by. when you were here, we were talking about what it would be like when you finally got there, so what was it like? >> reporter: would he have going to show you a piece in a little while and as you watch any of these things on television, it's so much worse or so
. the initiative comes after the labor department's report that america's unemployment rate right m remained at 10% in december. >>> vice president joe biden is mourning the death of his mother. katherine jean biden died friday in delaware sur proumded by family and friends after falling seriously ill. she was 92. biden appraised his mother as a defender and teacher of american values. >>> it's only been open for a week, but the new tallest building in the world is already the site of a new world record. two base jumpers leaped off the burj dubai yesterday setting a new record for the highest ever base jump from a manmade structure, just over 2,000 feet. the building, which opened on monday, is more than 2625 feet tall. >>> and those are the headlines that the hour. now let's go to lonnie with the weather. how is it outside? >>> we're dealing with some good cold out here. you guys are doing all right, though, i'll tell you. i applaud you for being here because kind of tough to be outside on the eastern half of the country. let's go to the big map and show you what's going on out there. all this co
families out of there. this is the united states of america. the greatest country in the world. and we need our children and fathers home. >> all of you, thank you, we hope that by bringing your story to the viewers this morning that important people will be listening and get you what you and your children and your families need. thank you very much. we'll be right back. ( "sleigh ride" playing ) pretty. ( laughs ) there we go. ( phone rings, laughter ) ♪ ( phone rings ) victory starts now. with the special k challenge™, you can lose up to 6 pounds... in 2 weeks. now with so many delicious ways to be victorious. lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks. join us at specialk.com. without my makeup. now, it's no problem. (announcer) neutrogena tone correcting night serum with high performance soy to even skin tone and active retinol to speed cell turn over. clinically shown to visibly fade brown spots in 14 nights. i even out my skin at night so it looks younger, flawless in the morning. (announcer) neutrogena tone correcting now you can fade and prevent discolorations all day. new tone correcting s
. it was to be quite honest answer awful year for some of america's most gifted and talented. whether 2010 ring in better time s s? we'll take a look. >> if you spend anytime in front of your tv, you've heard of him. the beautiful sounds of the man who k5u8s himself five times august early this saturday who k5u8s himself five times august early this saturday morning january 2 nd, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome back to "the early show." >> we have the greatest crowd in the world. standing out here in this wind. >> brave souls. >> happy new year, you guys. >> i told these people this morning, i said if are you outside cheering, i will give you the fingers off my gloves. >> and you did. >> a tribute to hill street blues. >>> how about a little foreshad foreshad foreshadowing? we brought a mental list along to talk about some predictions. >> also, do you have a little bit of a headache because you had a really wild new year's eve? we have a great menu with our she ha "chef on a shoestring," everything to help you get over your hangover including another alcoholic beverage. just right ba
for a daytime confession al. >> america has taken sides. and a lot of people are not on your side. >> you yeah, i understand that. >> he's got to tell his side of the story and remind people of why they liked him in the first place and what it was that made him number one in late night for a decade and a half. >> reporter: and while jay took a beating, it seems he can take it on the chin. >> it's like being a fighter and say when you get punched in the head did it hurt? well, yeah, but you're a fighter. >> reporter: hattie kauffman, cbs news, los angeles. >> if you're going dish it out, you have to be able to take it. >> i miss the jokes. it was fun. >> they're being too nice now. oh, well. >> we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. wow, that's a low price! wow, that's a low price! i think i'll get him a cart. [ man ] wow! [ male announcer ] staples has low prices on everything you need for your office. staples. that was easy. what are you really buying? a shiny coat of paint? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how
, people of america, you heard it from perez hilton. calm down. this is, quote, very false. perez, thanks a lot. take care. >> thank you. >>> harry? feel better? >> we all feel better. >> because you were so worried. >> concerned. we want to see them live happily ever after. >> they're a great couple. you know, yesterday if i was miami walking around little havana with dave, and i can't tell you how many people were asking me if dave and i were a couple. so, dave, please, please set the record straight on that rumor right now. >> reporter: yes, indeed, we are. we are a couple. >> no! i would never date someone who wears an outfit like that. >> reporter: oh, come on, maggie, it's about time we just put up the chiron baby daddy. >> huh-uh. that's it. >> reporter: no for more informationing lorks on to perez hilton.com, you'll find out the whole story. in the meantime, greetings from miami. maggie and i had a great day yesterday. nun on february 7th and of course the run-up to the super bowl, you'll see all of those great stories on this terrific area of south florida. in the meantime, how a
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government money. it was reckoning day for the heads of the biggest banks in america. >> somehow we just missed the that home prices don't go up forever. >> reporter: commissioner wanted to know why they played with firks sell think risky and complicated investments while assign ulg taken yusly placing bets on their failure. >> sounds to me a little bit like selling a car with faulty brakes aunts thefrn buying an insurance policy on the buyer of those cars. >> reporter: lloyd blankrfein, chairman and ceo of goldman sachs, spent the most time under the microscope. he was asked several times how his company would have faired without $10 billion in taxpayer dollars. he hedged. >> i can't sit here and tell what you would have happened and i know for sure no one else knows either. >> reporter: and what about those huge new bonuses all the banks are give something. >> we understand the anger felt by many citizens. >> reporter: the bank ceos insist they have reformed their pay structures, tying more pay to equity, so employees have a stake in the long term health of their firms. russ? >> nancy
the united states of america to get troops and get to the right back hand corner of the hotel montana and find out daughter, britney. she was in the exact corner of the hotel. >> reporter: i know it's been frustrating for you in terms of trying to get information, and so we were there on sunday night, we saw a number of rescue teams working round the clock up there. we sent another one of our producers up there yesterday. there are eight different teams working very hard from eight different countries very much in concert. so i hope that at least gives you some solace or some notion that they're not being neglected. >> oh, great, thank you. >> i don't think that we think that they're being neglected. we know that there are teams working really hard and we all appreciate that so very much. but i think there's -- everybody can understand when it's your loved one, it's never enough, it's never fast enough, and we're just thinking do they need people up there to help, you know, move the rubble and clear the way for the guys that are doing the search and rescue. anything. i mean, time is a
are training and how prepared this country is to deal with them. "where america stands" on terrorism tonight only on the c"cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." >> dave price joining us now with another check of the weather at this hour. >>> what would you like to know? >> i want to know what my day's going to be like because yesterday wasn't so bad. >> you're going to have a great day, erica hill. >> i am because i'm here with you, dave price. >> anymore saccarin, anybody? our weather maker back out to the west coast we go, another low pressure system not as strong as the ones we were dealing with last week, but still keep in mind one to two inches of rain maybe some more as you head north of l.a. in to places like santa barb practice. it's all going to begin to move east that will go into places like utah, we'll see some snow showers at higher elevations, probably higher elevations than we saw the other day. again, that will wind up over texas and oklahoma, creating sloppy weather there. meanwhile we clear out on the eastern seaboard where yesterday it was just awful. i can tell
around pacific ocean. smaller plates are diving underneath south america creating volcanos, deep earthquakes and very damaging shallow earthquakes. >> and finally, another hot spot starts in greece, continues through middle china. >> this is the one that i think seismologists and engineers are most worried about. this is the collision of several major plates, the indian ocean plate, the arabia plate, the african plate all moving north, and throughout this region are many shallow earthquakes and lots of population centers. >> we may most attention to california. we constantly hear the term the big one. for haiti, was this their quote/unquote big one in. >> the fault in haiti that broke in this particular event had seen some activity back in the 18th century. and that's consistent. so we expect something like this every 200 to 250 years. so the earthquakes on these faults are shallow. they cause a lot of lateral shaking which is particularly dangerous for buildings. >> and difficult to predict these things obviously. with all the technology and as far as we've can over the years, b
. look at that, erica? and you know how many homes in america look identical to this. >> 98%. >> yes, i would say so. but today we'll change all that with quick tips. >> and the first is keep it organized. >> yes. i love this cleaning caddie. instead of the short stub bione, all the bottles will stay in here. you need a cleanser, a disinfect tab tapt, a neutral and a glass cleaner. and i also like to throw if n. some peroxide. >> you also have here i know and you have number of different tools. you say this is all we need for cleaning, as well, these sponges and tooth brushes. >> yes, tooth brushes for the grout. also for corner, cracks and crevices. micro fiber cleaning cloths are great because they absorb all the liquids and get rid of the germs. an sponges are great, but you never want to cross contaminate. >> no, we'll keep those separate. ivory addition owing season? >> yeses just take a couple drps and put it in a bucket of water because it's safe for all surfaces, your hard wood, your granite, your no wax. stick with a neutral cleaner that's safe. >> windex, my mother uses this f
. "where america stands" on terrorism tonight only on the c"cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." >> dave price joining us now with another check of the weather at this hour. >>> what would you like to know? >> i want to know what my day's going to be like because yesterday wasn't so bad. >> you're going to havee >>> good morning. let's take a look at the forecast. it is chilly. we are in the 37-degree range. 44 high today. breezy. mixture of sun and clouds in the area. tonight partly cloudy. 30. tomorrow the same forecast as it will be on thursday. friday, saturday and sunday weather down to the south will >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by turbotax software. tur turbotax. choose easy. >>> that's a la look at your weather. watch those cold temperatures. maggie, we'll send it back to you. >>> now to the latest on the tiger woods scandal. a new report claims his wife may be trying to save their marriage with her first step being an important visit. cbs news correspondent michelle gielan has the story. >> welcome back to orlando. >> reporter: according to radaronline.c
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. jennifer aniston is not having a party just yet. >> all right, people of america, you heard it from perez hilton. calm down. this is, quote, very false. perez, thanks a lot. take care. >> thank you. >>> harry? feel better? >> we all feel better. >> because you were so worried. >> concerned. we want to see them live happily ever after. >> they're a great couple. you know, yesterday if i was miami walking around little havana with dave, and i can't tell you how many people were asking me if dave and i were a couple. so, dave, please, please set the record straight on that rumor right now. >> reporter: yes, indeed, we are. we are a couple. >> no! >> good morning. first warning doppler radar, we have a bit of a break in the action. as we get ready to come to the end of the event between carroll county and the chesapeake bay. a couple of light passing showers. still a steady rain around. let's take a look at the forecast for the day. it's in the mid-50s now, going for a high of 64. partly, windy this afternoon. we will keep advisories for possible flooding in effect until 1:00. >> reporter: th
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